What is your background as a hairdresser?

What is your background as a hairdresser?

What is your background as a hairdresser?

I come from a family of hairdressers. I knew from the age of 9 I wanted to be a hairdresser and started hairdressing in the late 1980s in Perth, Australia. I opened my first salon at 21 and grew to have 2 more successful salons in coastal and inner-city Perth.


When did you decide you wanted to create your own brand?

I was lucky enough to be offered an international position with an Aussie brand that had me working in 15 different countries for 5 years. During this period I learnt a lot about the production side of hair care and colour. I knew straight away when I jumped from behind the chair to behind the rep wheel I wanted my own brand. I always had the intention of creating a brand which is why I exposed myself to working for small start-up Aussie hair care companies, so I could see how receptive the market was with new products.


So where did you go from there?

I met Denis [co-founder of Infuse My Colour] in 2014 at a hair industry event in London and we had an instant connection. We decided to start our own haircare company 6 months later.

Denis grew up in Moscow and did platform and education work for L'oreal there. He moved to the UK in 2006 and was taken on by TIGI in the Inspirational Youth Programme. From there he moved to Sassoon/Wella and was an educator for them for around ten years whilst working part-time in his salon in the UK.


And how long did it take from the initial thought and creative process to producing your first batch of colour?

We decided to take that jump and start developing My. Haircare around 3 years after we met. We created infuse My. colour first. We were instantly snapped up by a huge UK retailer before the product was even shelf ready and we were listed in 480 doors by this UK retailer.

We won our first Pure Hair and Beauty Award for Best New Product in the UK in 2017 and since then we have won 16 more awards. Denis enrolled us in Dragon’s Den and 3 Dragons wanted to back us but we didn’t accept any offers. My. Haircare has grown into 16 different countries through professional level distributors to hair salons and we are continuing to grow now.


How did you decide on the core values of Infuse My. Colour?

It was really important to us that we produced haircare that is vegan cruelty-free and kind to the planet. Sourcing raw ingredients and using manufacturing processes that are sustainable are two things that we were always sure Infuse would have to incorporate.


What have you learnt along the way and what advice would you give to hairdressers who want to take their career to the next level?

We have learnt that this sort of business venture requires us to put 200% effort in and we are constantly providing that energy to the brand. The most enjoyable thing for us is watching the brand grow and the excitement and appreciation in the industry for My. Haircare.

We love the hairdressing industry because it is so dynamic, exciting and vibrant. The people are the best.

Our advice to other hairdressers in bringing their goals to life is to systematically plan your future. Every move you make is a stepping stone further to that goal. Sure, you may have setbacks - we have - but you just have to get back on the bus and keep moving forward to achieve those goals.


What is your overall goal for Infuse My. Colour?

Our overall goal for Infuse My. Colour is to be a globally recognized hairdressing brand that facilitates easier and better colouring outcomes for all hairdressers.


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