My. Haircare  -  our focus on sustainability

My. Haircare - our focus on sustainability

There is No Planet B! At infuse My. colour our goal has always been to develop high performance hair care that is not the only kind to the planet and vegan but also sustainable.

Infuse My. colour is a wellness-oriented brand and we place great importance on delivering sustainable products with clean ingredients, Vegan and Peta approved. Our manufacturing process utilises sustainable manufacturing capturing solar energy into power and utilizing and purifying rainwater for the manufacturing process.

We have become globally renowned for producing multi-award-winning, Peta approved 100% Vegan multitasking colouring shampoos and conditioners that give professional colourists a colouring tool unlike anything else. Our products also offer instant and significant colour-enhancing benefits to the consumer and is a perfect solution for those who are committed to maintaining beautiful, healthy and vibrant colour in between salon visits.

We offer an innovative salon colouring system to support and simplify colour services and celebrate personalisation for salon guests. Infuse My. colour™ adds a new dimension to salon colour offering which inspires creativity available from the hairdresser. A colouring tool that offers instant results without colour processing time.

Our "Made For Me" personalized custom blended service is available exclusively in hair salons. This service enables hairdressers to cocktail of colour shampoos and conditioners that allow a bespoke and tailored home care product in an infinite variety of shades. Hairdressers can create the exact reflection of client's colour in a personalized shampoo and or conditioner. The Made For Me 200ml bottle is reusable and refillable and guests are encouraged to bring back the Made For Me Custom blend bottle to be refilled and reused on their next colour appointment. Refill the same or alter the formula according to the colour changes you created in the guests' colour service, decreasing plastic waste and giving you the hairdresser the power to create a personalized blend for your guest. We always encourage a more sustainable reusing of plastic packaging.

Haircare unique and on-trend delivering results that are easy to use and time-efficient for the hairdresser and guest.

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