How often should infuse My. colour Shampoo be used? 

Whenever hair is faded or fading or when you are freshly coloured or bleached to seal the colour in. Suitable for daily use or alternate with your regular professional shampoo.

How long does infuse My. colour shampoo results last? 

Results last up to 5 -10 shampoos depending on the condition, texture, and porosity of the hair.

What’s the difference between using infuse My. colour shampoo, once or twice?

Consecutive applications of Infuse My Colour Shampoo add more tone every time you use it. Using it over and over successively will add more and more tone to the hair. The amount of colour and tone you add is up to you remember that Infuse My Colour Shampoo is instant so there is no waiting!

Do I have to colour or bleach my hair to see results? 

Yes. infuse My. colour shampoo is formulated for use on coloured and bleached hair and is used to refresh previously coloured hair.

Will infuse My. colour cover grey hair?

Infuse My. colour can add a gentle stain to grey hair. The more porous the grey hair the more colour stain you will achieve

Does infuse My. colour work on permed and keratin treated hair?

Yes it does work well on permed and keratin treated hair

Can I use infuse My. colour shampoo to refresh a semi-permanent hair colour?

Yes. infuse My. colour shampoo can be used to refresh any semi-permanent colour.

My red always seems to fade. Will infuse My. colour shampoo Ruby do the trick? 

infuse My. colour Ruby shampoo is actually great to use as a colour refresher for redheads who fade quickly

Can I use infuse My. colour shampoo on extensions, wefts, or wigs? 

Yes, you can use infuse My. colour shampoo on extensions wefts and wigs no problems the results are gorgeous.

Can I mix the infuse My. colour shampoo shades to create a custom blended shade? 

All infuse My. colour shampoo shades can be blended for custom tones. Get your creative head on and mix away liken the mixing to blending makeup do a test patch on some tissue paper or a small area of your hair to see the result before applying universally.

How do I remove infuse My. colour shampoo from my hair? 

infuse My. colour shampoo is designed to fade between 5-10 shampoos longer on more porous hair. Using a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo will help remove infuse My. colour shampoo should you wish to remove it.

Can I refresh or create a colour melt, and refresh a faded balayage ombre,  or multi-coloured design using infuse My. colour shampoo? 

Yes you can, always select to refresh the lightest colour in the hair with multi-tonal colours with infuse My. colour shampoo

What’s the difference between infuse My. colour shampoo’s and conditioners?

Infuse My. colour conditioners contain 40% more pigment than the shampoos.

Do I need to infuse My. colour shampoo and conditioner together?

Yes you can use infuse my. colour shampoo and conditioner together to gain maximum pigment deposit.

Can I leave infuse my. colour conditioners on to process for a certain time?

Yes you can leave the conditioners on to process for up to 30 mins or more. Infuse My. colour conditioners will reduce hair ph after colour/bleach, reduce swelling of the hair and be far more comfortable on sensitive scalps than an oxidative toner. We love toning with the conditioners the hair is left feeling soft conditioned and full of colour.

Can I apply infuse My. colour conditioner with a bowl and brush?

Yes you can apply the conditioners with a bowl and brush on shampoo towel dried hair.

Which is best for my client infuse My. colour conditioner or shampoo?

Depends on the amount of pigment you wish to add/maintain, the shampoos have less pigment than conditioners its entirely up to how much pigment the hair needs to maintain its tone

Do I have to use the same infuse My. colour conditioner as the shampoo?

No your creative freedom with colour leaves the door open for endless options with layering of tones, get creative!

Which is best to pre-pigment with infuse My. colour shampoo or conditioner?

Infuse My. colour shampoo is best to pre-pigment with, the options are in the technical manual for hairdressers, please refer to that section on pre-pigmenting/colouring back

Will infuse My. colour shampoo or conditioner stain my skin?

Infuse My. colour should not stain scalp or skin, each individuals skin porosity and chemistry is different, therefore take precautions not to rub it into scalp or hairline after all it is a colour enhancing product.

Will infuse My. colour stain my bathroom?

Bathrooms vary in age. Most surfaces are stain resistant the older the surface or the more calcium build up on tiles and grout the more chance it can stain with any colour product. Should you experience bathroom stains bleach them immediately with household cleaning products as per the product cleaning instructions

Do I need to skin patch test before using infuse My colour?

No as the vegan direct dye pigments do not contain PTDS OR PPD Ammonia, resorcinol or MEA.